The main focus area of our services can be defined as follow:

Protection Relay Injection
Protection Relay Programming
Protection Relay Setting Calculations
Current Transformer Testing
Protection Systems Primary Testing
Switchgear Testing
Commissioning Activities, FAT and SAT
Ad-hoc client requests and formal Engineering Reports
Training Activities


We want to specialize in specialized services where a test needs to be done, we find a solution. If it is
secondary protection testing or primary system testing.
Protection relay injection (maintenance and FAT projects).

Electro-mechanical relay testing
Modern electronic relay testing
Overcurrent protection
Non directional earth fault protection
Differential protection
Directional earth fault protection
Various other protection functions
Protection relay programming
ABB 5 and 6 Series relays (REM/REF 543, 615, 620, 630)
ABB 5 Series logic upgrades from lower revision relay to higher revision relays
Logic fault finding
Siemens SIPROTEC relays
MiCom relays
Multilin relays
SEL Relays

These include a wide variety of protection relay models (Will find out how to program
and test a certain model for specific projects need be)
Protection relay setting calculations and grading
Calculation of settings using formulas and ETAP grading study. Also able to use power

master for grading studies. Detailed reports given
Current transformer testing (maintenance and FAT projects)
Magnetization curve testing
Burden testing
Ratio testing
These tests can be done via old injection set method by using a voltmeter and current
meter. Also by a CT testing unit e.g. Omicron or Kocos
Protection systems primary testing
Restricted earth fault
Transformer differential
Motor differential
Bus bar differential
Directional earth fault
NEC differential
Cable testing
High-potential tests for MV cables
Insulation resistance testing for LV cables
Cable fault location
Switchgear testing
Point-to-point testing
Fault finding
High-potential test of the bus bars
Breaker speed tests
Electrical design assistance for basic and detailed engineering packages
Report writing for all testing, calculation, logics and design activities
Additional Electrical ad-hoc requests as per client request
Commissioning activities

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