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In Phase Specialized Testing Services (Pty) Ltd was established in July 2018. Although not in operation for a long time, its management is keen to start working on projects and unlock new opportunities accompanied by existing experience and a good support structure. We aim to provide a service with superior quality and affordability to our customer. We strive for customer service, quick order turn around, and superior quality in the services we render.

service range

In Phase Specialized Testing Services (Pty) Ltd services a wide range of electrical protection equipment which includes major role players like ABB, Siemens and SEL

Commissioning activities are unique to each client. We offer protection relay programming and testing for FATs and SATs

We have a broad range experience based on old GEC and Ottermill switchgear, which provides a strong background for integration and maintenance testing



Through a long term commitment to our mission, we shall be known as a company that can deliver exceptional service in the least amount of time


We strive to provide a positive experience to each one of our clients, and retain their business by providing top class and professional services that exceeds their expectations

Offering a personal level of attention to every client and keeping an honest, professional relationship

Ensuring a prompt turn-around time on all orders

Maintaining a positive and safe work environment

Be accountable for the actions we take and act in a professional manner

Always be optimistic about opportunities and meet the client’s needs

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